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What's Your Workout?

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Joey Leo |  For The Republic
Belinda Quillen works out at Tipton Lakes Athletic Club during her exercising class.
Joey Leo | For The Republic Belinda Quillen works out at Tipton Lakes Athletic Club during her exercising class.

Belinda Quillen

Age: 31

City: Columbus

Occupation: 911 dispatcher

Family: Husband, Paul Quillen

Where you work out: Tipton Lakes Athletic Club

How many hours a week do you work out?

Up to four hours or more a week

Briefly describe your workout routine:

Monday through Thursday I go to a training group workout with a personal trainer, and recently I have started to try and fit in some weightlifting.

What inspired you to begin a regular fitness routine?

I just knew it was time for me to change. Last winter, Tipton Lakes and Qmix teamed up to do what is called Qmix Biggest Loser. I signed up to participate and was one of the 30 chosen to do it. I worked out with trainers there for three months. Since then I have joined Tipton Lakes and continue my weight-loss journey there. It was hard for me to get up and get down to do the exercises just because of the extra weight that I was carrying. But I eventually caught up with everyone else, and I just keep getting better.

Why is it something you have stuck with?

I like the way I feel now, not only physically but the way I feel when I am able to go shopping for smaller clothes. I’ve really liked the changes that I have made. The trainers there are so inspirational.

How do you make time to work out?

I have to tell myself that it is for the better me. I know that I have the training scheduled every day, and it is only 45 minutes that I have to get through. I know I feel so much better and accomplished that I completed my workout.

When and why did you get serious about fitness?

There is a family history of diabetes in my family, and I want to avoid getting it. I also would like to have children someday, so I want to change my health so that I can have a healthy life.

What kinds of changes have you seen?

When I started the Biggest Loser, I weighed in at 348 pounds. Today I am down to 268, making it a total loss of 80 pounds. I want to lose 150 pounds all together. I know I am getting stronger and healthier, and I know I will be here a lot longer.

What’s your favorite exercise?

I do enjoy the weightlifting and whatever my trainer tells me I have to complete.

Any exercises you dread but do anyway?

Burpees are a tough one — jump up, then down into a pushup position, then do a pushup, then kick your feet back in, then stand back up and do it over and over again. Also Jam ball slams and kettlebell swings are difficult because sometimes I get dizzy with all the up-and-down movements.

Do you follow a special diet?

My diet usually just consists of me counting my calories. I try to get fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meat for lunch and dinner. Then nuts and string cheese for my snacks. I also try to eat every three hours. When I do cheat, I try to work it into my calories or plan ahead what I am going to order if it is at a restaurant.

Do you have a favorite fitness moment, for example, when you reached a tough fitness goal or overcame a plateau?

I have just been happy with what I have been losing. I love the support that I get at the gym and have been dealing with a plateau now that I am trying to get over.

What’s a little-know fitness fact about you?

I may not be as fast as some of the other advanced people working out, but I always try my hardest to complete the workout no matter what it is.

What do you do to motivate yourself when you just don’t want to work out?

I have to tell myself that I have come so far and there is no turning back. I also tell myself that it is only a few minutes out of my schedule and that I always feel accomplished after my workout is complete. I have friends who joined the gym with me, so that helps. I mainly do it for myself. I know if I skip a workout, I am not going to be motivated to go again.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start working out?

It is always nice to have guidance when you are first starting out. That is why I continue to work out with the personal trainers. They push me and give me the guidance I need to continue.

—  Beth Clayton-George,

The Republic

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