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What's Your Workout?

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Lan Tran

Age: 24

City: Columbus

Occupation: Full-time student at IUPUC

Where you work out?

Total Fitness of Columbus

How many hours a week?

Seven to eight

Briefly describe your daily/weekly workout routine.

I work out about six times a week. I begin with 10 minutes of cardio, followed by lifting weights, and end with another 20-minute, high-intensity cardio session. I work on different muscle groups each day, for example: day 1, legs; day 2, abs; day 3, triceps and shoulders; day 4, abs; day 5, biceps and back; day 6, abs; and I rest on day seven.

What inspired you to begin a regular fitness routine?

I started a regular fitness routine in 2010. I was inspired by a picture of Mark Perry, owner of Total Fitness, on the cover of IronMan magazine. I talked to Mark about how awesome it was to be on the cover of a well-known magazine. We discussed a new fitness category in the bodybuilding competition, and he recommended I compete in the National Physique Committee bikini division. Steve Prosser (my trainer and workout partner), my family, and many good friends also encouraged me and kept me motivated. Competition or no competition, I still keep a regular fitness schedule because it is a lifestyle change.

Why is it something you have stuck with?

Since it is a good lifestyle change, I include working out in my schedule. It helps me stay focused and on track. And, plus, exercising is a great hobby and also decreases the risk for many preventable diseases.

How do you make time to work out?

I have a set schedule that I follow.

When and why did you get serious about fitness?

I got serious about fitness when I found my passion in health and fitness. I strive for improvements each day, not just in fitness, but as a person overall. There are always obstacles in life. But as long as I really love what I’m doing, then I will try my best.

Have you lost or gained muscle mass through working out? How much?

I have gained muscle mass through strength training. I don’t know how much muscle I’ve gained, but my goal is to keep my muscles more toned and defined.

What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise would probably be those for my legs or abs, such as squats and lunges. I would like to have six-pack abs, but that will take a lot of discipline and training.

Any exercises you dread, but do anyway? Why?

I don’t really like to work on biceps, but I do them anyway because all the muscle groups need to be balanced.

Do you follow a special diet? If so, describe it briefly. Do you “cheat” much?

Yes, I follow a special diet. I eat five to six small meals a day.

Do you have a favorite fitness moment, for example, when you reached a tough fitness goal or overcame a plateau?

Stepping on stage to compete was my favorite fitness moment, because the feeling of achievement and knowing I followed through with my goal was a substantial accomplishment for me.

What do you do to motivate yourself when you just don’t want to work out?

There are pages on Facebook I like that offer inspirational quotes, and they really keep me motivated.

What’s a little-know fitness fact about you?

When I compete, I don’t necessarily compete to win. I compete to see improvements every time I step on stage.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start working out?

Don’t give up, follow through with your goals, and stay determined. You will succeed.


— Jennifer Willhite,            

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