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What's your workout: Sandy Thomas

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Briefly describe your daily/weekly workout routine:

Step Class three times a week plus outdoor walking.

What inspired you to begin a regular fitness routine?

As a complement to my approach of intentionally creating my own health, specifically to lower stress and to strengthen my lungs.

Why is it something you have stuck with?

 I believe the best exercise is one that you will actually do. Step Class is not only a super workout, but I have fun. The teacher, Steve Prosser, is always cheerful, always motivating.

How do you make time to work out?

Schedule it on my to-do list.

When and why did you get serious about fitness?

About six years ago I not only changed careers — I am a former professional pastry chef and artisan bread baker — but I changed my health, too. Through diet and lifestyle changes, I was able to get off of all medications — most of which I had been on for 30 years for the treatment of asthma.

Have you lost or gained muscle mass through working out?

I haven’t tracked muscle mass, etc., so it doesn’t apply to me, though I might say my lungs are much stronger now than they were a few years ago before I was regularly exercising. When I first started at Step Class, I really struggled to make it all the way through. Now I push myself at every class.

What’s your favorite exercise?

I love Step Class, and I actually really enjoy the elliptical machine.

Any exercises you dread, but do anyway? Why?

Nope, I don’t do exercises that I dread.

Do you listen to music while you work out? What’s on your playlist?

When I am on the elliptical or the treadmill, I mix it up: Lindsey Stirling, Yoshida Brothers, The Shins, Jenny Lewis, Taj Mahal.

Do you follow a special diet? If so, describe it briefly. Do you “cheat” much?

In general, I’m VB6, Vegan before 6 p.m. I’m “flexetarian” in the evening, that is, mostly vegan with occasional high quality animal proteins such as wild-caught fish or pastured beef. A cheat for me would be potato chips — I must put them in a bowl, or I would eat half the bag.

Do you have a favorite fitness moment, for example, when you reached a tough fitness goal or overcame a plateau?

I love that moment during a workout when you get a second-wind, and feel like “I can do this!” In those moments I focus on gratitude for my body and what it can do, not what it can’t do.

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