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What's your workout: LouAnn Morrow

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Routine: I rotate a series of BeachBody programs (P90X, P90X3, Insanity, Asylum, T25, Combat) six times a week, plus biking and walking.

Inspiration: I always hated my arms. I was 50 and thought I had hit my “middle age spread” and would have to live with my old, out-of-shape body ... I saw an infomercial for BeachBody Ten Minute Trainer and half-heartedly thought I’d give it a try.

Sticking with it: I saw results and realized I had been wasting so much time being out of shape and flabby unnecessarily. Planning ahead helps — I plan my workouts 4 to 12 weeks in advance and keep a journal to chart progress. This accountability to myself helps me see what I’m doing right and where I need to improve.

Making time: I had to find a time in my day where I could be consistent and there would be no distractions. For me, it’s first thing in the morning. It’s not an option or else I would always have an excuse to skip it.

Beginning: When I was 50 I ordered my first BeachBody program (10-Minute Trainer). It was a half-hearted plan, but I wanted to do something I would stay with, so since there was a money back guarantee, I gave it a try. I got serious really fast because I saw results quickly and it has completely changed my life.

Muscle mass: Absolutely! I’ve lost 25 pounds and love my arms now!

Favorite exercise: I do a balance of strength and cardio. I have accumulated a library of BeachBody programs over the years and love the variety that offers me.

I do a rotation of them every two to three months.

Least favorite: Some days I dread just getting out of bed and doing any exercise. Some of them are very challenging — but I’ve come to love that.

Music: There is music playing during the DVDs but I’m usually breathing so hard, I can’t hear it.

Special diet, cheat: For the most part it is high-protein, low-carb. It has been quite an evolution for me. I’ve gone from eating a Snickers and Diet Pepsi for lunch to drinking no soft drinks, drinking 80 to 100 ounces of water/day and eating lots of fruits and veggies.

Favorite fitness moment: I used to not be able to do one pull-up ... I was the gym class weakling. You should see my guns now.

Motivation:  Every morning I could convince myself to not get up and work out, but I know it’s a slow fade back to being 25 pounds heavier, flabby and out of shape, so I don’t try — I do it. Planning ahead and charting the exercise and progress is also key for me ... if I see the success (weight loss/toned muscles) or failure (not exercising for the day) in black and white, I’m motivated to get going the next day.

Fitness fact:  There’s probably not anything people don’t know about my fitness/nutrition ... I’ve been an open book about my journey, but here are some principles I live by:

  • You can’t exercise yourself thin or eat yourself toned — exercise and nutrition really have to go hand-in-hand.
  • Find a fitness partner to help you grow and stay accountable with your fitness and nutrition. On a regular basis, share with each other goals, successes and struggles that will encourage each other.
  • It’s a constant vigil. Stay focused. Food and fitness are fuel for your body. Figure out what exercise you like to do that will challenge you and make it part of your lifestyle. Determine if the food you are eating is fueling your body. Your future self will thank you.

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