Court News

This is a report of cases filed in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims, filed

Lawson, Pushor, Mote & Gamso vs. David Harvey, North Mapleton Street, $2,214.41.

Midwest Credit Services vs. Christopher Taulbee, Marion, $4,829.

Allied Collection Service vs. Tyler J. Kolusch, Dawson Street, $4,446.32; Cory J. McNeelan, South Lincoln Village Drive, $3,295.51; Karen K. Mize, Clifford, $2,409.59; Dale W. Owens, Osgood, $5,126.73; Roger D. Owens, Patterson Road, $1,277.32; Robert A. Webb, Hege Avenue, $2,186.98; and Jessica D. Wood, Edinburgh, $1,031.03.

Allied Collection Service vs. Bobby L. Adams, Hanover, $972.40; John R. Barton, South Beatty Street, $5,329.79; Michael J. Boggs, Smith Street, $2,193.43; Bobbi J. Bush, Edinburgh, $1,961.58; Travis R. Conway, Shelbyville, $2,864.64; James W. Crippen, 17th Street, $2,262.47; Alisha D. Cooley, Eighth Street, $2,254.10; Thomas W. and Anita Davie, Chestnut Street, $1,129.89; Oscar Galicia-Rivera, Cottage Avenue, $1,035.52; Troy J. Mitchner, South Cherry Street, $1,655.09; and Kristian K. Worland, Hope, $1,464.19.

Collection Associates vs. Debra A. Grider, Elizabethtown, $3,123.86.

Tena Inc. vs. Richard W. Burton, North County Road 150W, $1,401.39 and eviction.

Lawrence A. Fowler, West County Road 650N, vs. Ricky Reed, Diane East Drive, $1,081.

Laura Lanoire, California Street, vs. Tamara A. Mezo-Lopez, Seymour, $4,096.56.

Ray and Wally Real Estate vs. Jane Doe, Hartsville, $1,650 and eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Jeremy Hill, Reed Street, $675 and eviction.

Phil Buster, State Road 46W, vs. Marvin Harris, Central Avenue, $1,850 and eviction.

Orinoco Property vs. Jason Brown, Cottage Avenue, $1,625 and eviction.

Jenny Kemp, Franklin, vs. Chance Krahn, Charleston Place, $730.

Jim and Mary Hartmann, Columbus, vs. Jimmie Carmer and Desi Buckler, Seventh Street, $1,320 and eviction.

Diane Smith, Leatherback Drive, vs. Jessica and Roy Brickert, 18th Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

Pekin Insurance Co. vs. Laura McIntosh, Camelot Lane, $5,986.22.

Brett Purdue, Cambridge Court, vs. Whitney Kinser, Cambridge Court, $2,800.

Personal Finance Co. vs. Sindy Santiago, Wallace Avenue, $2,113.89.

Aaron’s Sales and Leasing vs. Chelsa Gabbard, Cambridge Court, $1,500; Antonia Hoeping, McClure Road, $1,500; Michael Ackerman, West Baker Hollow Road, $1,500; and Evelyn Golden, Sims Court, $1,500.

Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. vs. Christie Finley, North Marr Road, $130.10; Curtis Smith, Hope, $80.80; Kendra Waggoner, North Cherry Street, $80.80; and Kendra Yates, Edinburgh, $159.70.

Cambridge Square Columbus vs. Ashley Gearhart, Cambridge Square, $885 and eviction.

Purdue University vs. Shawna Smith, also known as Shawna Baldwin, Orchard Valley Drive, $1,547.53.

Heritage Heights Mobile Home Community, vs. Donald Wood and Tonya Perez, Henry Lakes Boulevard South, $2,363 and eviction.

Homestead Mobile Home Park vs. the Oral McKain Estate/Louis McKain, Hawpatch Drive, $444 and eviction.

Joli Rentals vs. Lorrie Walker and Brandon Jordan, California Street, damages and eviction.

Trinity Baptist Church vs. David Gallagher and Kelly Hatcher, 16th Street, $550 and eviction.

Dr. L. Scott Taulman, West Goeller Boulevard, vs. Brian Eastham, Taylorsville, $3,532.

Jenni Estes, Wallace Avenue, vs. Amy Smith, also known as Amy Whedon, Reo Street, $1,000 and eviction.

CST Properties vs. Eddy Cottrill/Out on a Limb Tree Service, Pearl Street, $920.

Two Worlds of Columbus Owners Association vs. Bob and Elizabeth Allen, South County Road 550W, $1,200.

Equity Property Management vs. Brandon McCutcheon and Natasha Jones, Grand Avenue, $794 and eviction.

Dissolutions of Marriage, filed

Kelly J. Holman, Elizabethtown, vs. David W. Holman, Elizabethtown, married March 28, 1994, separated Jan. 16, 2015, two children.

Sara Elizabeth Maddox, Joseph Cox Court, vs. Cody Thomas Maddox, Joseph Cox Court, married Sept. 26, 2009, separated Jan. 2, 2015, one child.

Kimberly Crum, Clifford, vs. Brandon Lee, East Base Line Road, married April 22, 2010, no separation date available, one child.

William Cox, Bartholomew County, vs. April Cox, Pearl Street, married Feb. 18, 2013, separated Sept. 3, 2014, one child.

Natosha Hendricks, Bartholomew County, vs. Steven M. Hendricks, Bloomington, married March 29, 2011, separated June 7, 2013, three children.

Phillip D. Brantley, Bartholomew County, vs. Patricia E. Brantley, Scotland Drive, married April 18, 2008, separated March 2012.

Elizabeth Roberts, Columbus, vs. William Roberts, Elizabethtown, married Oct. 31, 2008, separated March 2011, one child.