Letter: ‘At a loss’ about gun control plan

From: Noel Knifley


I am a lifelong resident of Bartholomew County. I grew up here and spent the vast majority of my working life in this county.

I am reasonably well-educated with engineering and master’s degrees and have traveled around the world and visited five continents.

As I was growing up, my mother taught me the basics of life: Don’t pee into the wind, don’t walk on thin ice, don’t run out into the street without checking traffic and be respectful if you want something. She called it common sense.

I’ve seen and done a lot of things, but I am a product of the local culture and norms.

I am absolutely at a loss about the plan to solve the shooter problem by posting signs at various locations to establish “No Gun Zones.” Nothing, in my common sense training, my travels or my formal education, gives me any hint whatsoever about how this will deter a shooter from entering an establishment and firing at people if he/she really wants to.

Not knowing all the facts, maybe the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooter didn’t see the sign in the window. Some have suggested it was a targeted location because it was a “No Gun Zone.” Regardless, the sign did not work in Aurora, Colorado. What were they doing wrong?

Since William Scarbrough is so adamant about this in his letters on the issue, he must know the answer as to how this plan works and what makes it effective. He should be able to tell us what went wrong in Aurora, Colorado.

I would like for him to write another letter to explain this to all of us who don’t understand. Please be detailed, and use common words so there is no misinterpretation. And please, stick to the subject. Don’t wander off the topic. We really want to understand. How does it really work?

Let’s be real clear about this. I am supportive of anything that is effective and gives the expected end result. I am not supportive of political “blow and show” that does nothing to affect the problem. We have seen too much of that in the last several years from all levels of our government, and most of us are getting very weary of it.

I also don’t understand why he doesn’t approve the school system providing the faculty with training on how to react when a shooter is in the building. It seems to be a good Plan B to the Plan A sign approach. One should always have a backup plan.

Gun ownership may not be part of Mayor Kristen Brown’s job description, but it certainly does not disqualify her from the job. Scarbrough now is walking on her constitutional rights. This is not a subject for his critique. It’s her right. Protecting constitutional rights is important in this part of the country.

Lastly, the definition of a bigot is “a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief or opinion.”