Letter: Believing the best despite troubles

From: Joawn Seeley


It has taken me awhile to decide if I should write this because I know people will say I only did because I worked for John Myers. I am writing this on behalf of Andy Myers and his mother. I can only imagine the hurt Martha has felt seeing her two sons condemned publicly over one wanting to forgive and redeem and the other trying to prove he is worthy to be.

I watched all this play out years ago working for John, and I saw how cruel people were to him and the disappointment he felt. I also saw the love he had for his son and how he wanted to protect the rest of his family.

All of us have made mistakes. Unfortunately we all think ours are never worse than others, and therefore we have the right to judge and not forgive and to stop people from being able to repent, serve their sentence and move on with life. The biggest thing about this is no one can ever punish you more than you do yourself.

Not everyone is caught and their names put in the paper for their misdeeds and to have the public come out to stop them from having a life. My daughter was kidnapped, held overnight and raped. We have lived through a nightmare that has never stopped. That man did no time in prison. All he has done is jail on the weekends and his name on a sex offender list for 10 years. He is back to being able to live like nothing ever happened. My daughter was not his only victim.

I am not condoning anything Andy has done. Matt and I don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. I have no dog in this fight. This town is so unforgiving, and I am tired of watching people struggle to start over, then give up.

I am like Jesus; I want to know who of these that threw the first stone had the right. Do you honestly believe no one is worthy to be forgiven and trusted again over something they did years ago?

I hope Andy knows there are people who believe in him and hope this doesn’t break his spirit.