Letter: Legislature shouldn’t mess with common construction wage

From: Doug Logan


Just how dumb do they think we are? I am talking about those rich people who have bought influence in the state General Assembly that is supposed to represent us. Does anyone honestly think that repealing the common construction wage law will save middle-class taxpayers anything?

Let’s take it for granted that the party in control will pass this law. What happens next? Well, next year, if you ask about savings, you’ll hear, “Well, the contracts for the next year had already been awarded.” The year after that, the excuse will be higher materials costs. The following year, they’re counting on you not asking.

Be honest with yourself. If you let them take money from the bulldozer drivers, that cash is not going to stay in your pocket. No, unfortunately much of it will wind up with the owners of the contracting firms, a share of which they will pass along to the campaign funds. The rest of it will go to the CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other C-blank-Os as bonuses for doing such a good job of increasing company profits.

Wouldn’t you rather have your tax money wind up with a neighbor who will spend it at local stores? I sure don’t want any more of my money going toward paying for some fat cat’s vacation in the Swiss Alps.

To answer the question in the first paragraph, consider this: The tagline in the TV spot is “Keep Hoosier jobs in Indiana.” Apparently, they think we are dumb enough to believe that our roads will get built in Guatemala if they don’t get their way. Decide for yourself.