Letter: Democrat-leaning, but backing Lienhoop

From: William H. Griffith


The Republic issue on April 21, 2011, quotes mayoral candidate Kristen Brown saying, “I tend, primarily, to be Republican, though at the end of the day I ultimately vote for the person.”

I agree with her reasoning. I tend primarily to be a Democrat, though at the end of the day I also ultimately vote for the person.

Since the Democrats will not have a mayoral candidate on the primary ballot, and I want my vote to count for mayor, I will ask for a Republican ballot and vote for Jim Lienhoop. The only reason I conclude there is no Democrat for mayor on the primary ballot is that they are waiting to see if Lienhoop wins. If he wins, I assume they may not have a candidate for mayor.

Democrats, if you want your vote for mayor to count in this year’s election, go to the polls, request a Republican ballot and vote for the person best qualified to lead our community over the next four years. Vote for Lienhoop.