Letter: Trade is good for Indiana farmers

From: Trevor Glick


Later this month, members of Congress are expected to vote on a piece of legislation paving the way to negotiate new trade deals and bring them back to Congress for an up-or-down vote. As a dues-paying member of the Indiana Soybean Alliance Board, we are strongly supportive of that legislation, called Trade Promotion Authority, or TPA.

Trade is good for Indiana farmers. We send every fourth row of soybeans grown in the state to China, and opening new markets is a priority for Indiana farmers.

In 2013, Indiana’s top five agricultural exports were $1.7 billion of soybeans, $442 million of soybean meal, $429 million in feeds and fodder, $410 million of corn and $307 million of pork. And every dollar of agricultural export creates an additional $1.27 in business activity for our economy.

Please call Sen. Joe Donnelly at 202-224-4814 and tell him to support Trade Promotion Authority. And please call Rep. Luke Messer at 202-225-3021 and thank him for his support of this important legislation that is good for Indiana farmers and good for the Indiana economy.