Marriage License Applications 09-06-15

Bartholomew County Courthouse, pictured Monday, Aug. 24, 2015.

Marriage License Applications

Jeremy Ryan Clark, 22, Edinburgh, and Sylvia Ann Clark, 39, Rosewood Lane.

Jason Dwayne Harris, 40, Gilmore Street, and Ava Renee Duncan, 40, Gilmore Street.

Russell Martin Poling Jr., 28, Orchard Creek Drive, and April Dawn Justice, 25, Orchard Creek Drive.

Mario Gustavo Lopez, 39, Central Avenue, and Edna Rosa Posas, 46, Central Avenue.

Gonzalo Tolentino Gonzalez, 33, Scottland Drive, and Carolina Garcia de la Cruz, 30, Scottland Drive.

Jeremy Dale Hoeltke, 35, East Hillcrest Road, and Brandy Michelle Brown, 37, East Hillcrest Road.

Charles Eric Rooks, 42, Coldstream Court, and Rebecca Jean Reimer, 36, Coldstream Court.

Jacob Robert Belwood, 25, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and Elizabeth Shea Tinsley, 21, Jonathan Ridge.

Nathaniel Scott Spaugh, 19, South County Road 550W, and Natasha Paige Adams, 19, South County Road 550W.

Zhiyong Zhu, 31, Heathrow Drive, and Ning Ma, 30, Heathrow Drive.

Derek Allen Bragg, 25, Hope, and Natasha Marie Cowan, 25, East County Road 200S.

David D. Bean, 44, Scipio, and Rena L. Bean, 46, Scipio.

Arin Jeffrey Hokey, 30, Union Street, and Kristina E. Back, 37, Shelbyville.

Jason Tyler Owens, 41, Franklin Street, and Michelle Sue Galloway, 41, Franklin Street.

Kristina M. Troth, 27, Family Drive, and Sean Mitchell Howard, 30, Family Drive.

Floyd Epperson, 70, Lamplight Drive, and Carol A. Brebner, 66, Lamplight Drive.

Justin Alan Zollman, 24, East County Road 600N, and Jodi Louise Clouse, 23, Hope.

Ryan Lee Lewis, 25, Ruddick Avenue, vs. Kelsey Nicole Booker, 21, Ruddick Avenue.

Rodney James Bolte, 42, Scottland Drive, and Melanie Faith Patmore, 43, Scottland Drive.

Christopher Saunders, 31, Bronx, New York, and Hannah Marie Wade, 27, Elizabethtown.

William B. Cowan, 28, Elizabethtown, and Jessica E. Stacey, 25, Elizabethtown.

Kim Leroy Hand, 58, 15th Street, and Barbara Jean Hilderbrand, 54, Westridge Drive.

Jacob Tyrell Bosecker, 28, Taylor Road, and Jessica Lauren Cox, 25, Taylor Road.

Adrianna Christine Thompson, 26, McClure Road, and Charles Jacob Root, 28, McClure Road.

Ashley Lynne Vicars, 26, Conestoga Trail, and Tyler Preston Kimbrell, 27, Conestoga Trail.

Nathan Richard Stoner, 38, Jackson Street, and Lina Getachew Ayenew, 27, Jackson Street.

Donald G. Amick, 36, Bloomington, and Angela D. Barnett, 37, Della Road.

Derrick Deland Watts, 47, Heritage Road, and Kimberly Annette Garrett, 44, Heritage Road.

Kyle Kwesi Husbands, 27, Hege Avenue, and Christal Roberta Esther Peters, 26, Hege Avenue.

Xuan Phu Tran, 41, East Norris Lane, and Jillian Rayl Mishler, 34, East Norris Lane.

Gary Howard Petrey, 46, Cardinal Lane, and Patricia Ann Souder, 44, Cardinal Lane.

Joseph Arthur Roman, 33, Franklin, and Hanna Maria Helene Harker, 28, Hope.

Kyle Thomas Smith, 26, North Talley Road, and Emily Marie Hodnett, 28, North Talley Road.

Lee Anissa Stull, 46, Rosewood Lane, and Rickie Lee Zirkle, 40, Rosewood Lane.

Casey D. Davis, 28, Edinburgh, and Jill F. Zimmerman, 28, Edinburgh.

Casey Robert Miller, 21, North Sheffield Court, and Makenzi Christian Galliher, 20, North County Road 500E.

Shelby Marie Turner, 21, South Holiday Drive, and Dylan Keith Mounce, 24, South Holiday Drive.

Michael David Oaks, 57, Celestial Drive, and Valerie Susanne Souba, 50, Celestial Drive.

Tu Quan Trac, 22, North County Road 150W, and Duyen Ky Cao Tran, 18, North County Road 150W.

Tony Gerald Patterson, 72, North Fort Myers, Florida, and Marsha Ann Schilling, 64, Anna Maria Drive.

Deke Sun, 28, West Lafayette, and Lingtong Sun, 27, Williamsburg Court.

Joseph Leroy Allen 31, North Riverside Court, and Angela Adele Prather, 32, Riverside Court.

Jody Cartwright, 23, Lucas Way, and Therra Copeland, 28, Lucas Way.

Plutarco Fernandez Jimenez, 30, Rosewood Court, and Maricruz Velez Ortiz, 22, Rosewood Court.

Jason Charles Brown, 47, 15th Street, and Shila Denise Johnson, 39, 15th Street.

Jacob Nathaniel Grow, 28, Kansas City, Missouri, and Krista Leigh Bergman, 28, Kansas City, Missouri.

Seth Machenzie Richards, 25, West County Road 500S, and Emily Jo Jessup, 24, West County Road 500S.

Lacey Dee Armstrong, 29, Fox Pointe Court, and Nicholas Allan Guernsey, 30, East 25th Street.

Debra Janet Anderson, 52, Shellbark Court, and David Allen Rosebrock, 47, Nashville.

Chad Daniels Buehler, 34, Lakecrest Drive, and Jasmine Jane Ho, 30, Lakecrest Drive.

Brianna Jo Ballard, 24, Pennsylvania Street, and Nicholas Edward Cecil, 24, Pennsylvania Street.

Aileen Laura Anderson, 32, East Mission Court, and Rex Allen Chapman, 32, North Vernon.

Benjamin Joseph Aldrich, 41, Haltom City, Texas, and Desiree Rochelle Mumphrey, 27, Rolling Hill Drive.

Keith Allen George, 18, East County Road 550S, and Cheyanne Patricia Rose Beals, 17, East County Road 550S.

Clinton Matthew Wilson, 36, South Wolfcreek Road, and Cassandra Ann Chambers, 32, South Wolfcreek Road.

Robert Lee Harrington, 37, West County Road 150W, and Michelle Lynn Lamantia, 33, West County Road 150W.

Charles Ray Sayer, 32, Tellman Road, and Brandee Nicole Nelson, 30, Tellman Road.

Katie Buzzard, 27, Grammer, and Ryan Reed, 27, Grammer.

Jennifer Morgan Cline, 27, Sunset Court, and Christopher Robert Pearson, 25, Sunset Court.

Sajeev Gulyani, 27, Salzburg Boulevard, and Rui Gao, 24, Salzburg Boulevard.

Michael Patrick McIver, 33, Hope, and Amanda Joy Colley, 29, Hope.

Sonny Allen Thomas, 35, McKinley Avenue, and Melissa Dawn Zollinger, 32, McKinley Avenue.

Ricky Lee Wilson, 58, Bagdad, Kentucky, and Linda Rose Coombs, 64, Lockerbie Drive.

Ricardo Brubaker Ochoa, 28, West Reece Lane, and Lina Uribe Echeverri, 28, West Reece Lane.

Amanda Marie Shoemaker, 31, Fieldstone Drive, and Kyle William Smith, 34, Lexington.

Kelsey Jo Bogard, 23, Fox Trail Lane, and Kenneth Franklin Seymour, 26, Fox Trail Lane.

Jordan Levi Andreasen, 26, Fall Valley Drive, and Kylie Lynn Haley, 25, Sumpter Trail.

Shelby Dianne Satterfield, 23, Overlook Court, and Joseph Daniel Gavin, 25, Hilliard, Ohio.

Thomas Neal Wagner, 21, Parkview Drive, and Torrie Danielle McClintic, 22, Parkview Drive.

Daryl Edmund Laker, 50, State Road 46E, and Gail Annette Bruner, 46, State Road 46E.