Letter: ‘Newlywed Game’ great fun for great cause

From: Brad Gonsalves


A near capacity crowd at the Columbus Learning Center was treated to the “Not So Newlywed Game” on Thursday night. Following the format of the ’70s era game show, five local couples (Lisa and Joe Shafran, Tina and Tom Vujovich, Kevina and Hutch Schumaker, Jane and Charlie Farber, and Kathi and Fred Armstrong), mustered up the courage to tell how much they knew (or at least thought they knew) about their spouses.

The Farbers (newest of the newlyweds) clearly knew each other’s proclivities, while the others, well, let’s just say not so much. Mickey Kim was great as master of ceremonies, and Rich Gold provided wise counsel as a judge on almost-correct answers. It was great fun, well organized by the Turning Point Domestic Violence staff.

Next time you see Tina and Tom, ask them about their wedding night. Both of them recalled it with crystal clarity. Once you hear the reason, you will know why it was memorable. Good job, Turning Point. Hope it becomes an annual event.