Grant aids family court efforts

Jennings County was among the 19 counties to receive grants from the Indiana Supreme Court to support local family court projects.

The Indiana Supreme Court awarded more than $225,000 total to the 19 counties, and Jennings County received $4,000.

The grants distributed for this year will focus on creating innovative programs that improve access to the courts for families. Some of the projects among the counties include:

  • A walk-in clinic at the courthouse for those unable to obtain legal representation
  • Low-cost alternative dispute resolution for families who would be otherwise unable to afford mediation
  • Alternative dispute resolution for high-conflict elder care cases
  • A voluntary study into the effectiveness of online parent education programs

The Family Court Project began in 1999 with cooperation from the Indiana General Assembly. Since then, the Supreme Court has distributed more than 3.5 million dollars to support family court projects across the state.