Letter: Earth Day activities beneficial, inspiring

From: Eric Riddle


Thanks to United Way and Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center for sponsoring the grass-roots initiative, SEED, in April.

I encourage you to walk or bike by and enjoy the first SEED project along the sidewalk at 14th and Sycamore. You will see a native persimmon and pawpaw tree, native shrubs and over 300 seedlings of native flowers and grasses.

I also want to share appreciation for the Earth Day weekend activities. I was inspired. Church folks, business employees, neighbors and city staff worked together to improve Columbus.

Motivated by these activities, I planted a serviceberry tree with my daughter. This was an amazing experience that I will be reminded of every day. I am confident the Earth Day crews felt similar gratitude and empowerment for their shared experiences this past weekend.

News of a new Columbus Tree Canopy organization and a Cummins community garden project are promising signs of ongoing coordinated action to promote sustainability initiatives like SEED.

As we move forward, how can Columbus neighborhoods cultivate “different by design” aspirations through creative environmental engagement?