Letter: Vote for the presidential candidate who will preserve U.S. sovereignty, Constitution, life

From: Anita Gauck


Having just attended the awesome Decision 2016 Franklin Graham rally in Indianapolis, with 8,500 people bowing heads, repenting and asking God to save our nation, I have to ask myself why He would bother.

My first thoughts were why wasn’t Indianapolis completely filled with Christians, in as much as almost every community in Indiana has at least one church? Do most not believe that America is near total moral and physical destruction? One only has to turn on the TV to question how long this nation has before it crumbles.

Moral character judges are now Hollywood actors the likes of Robert DeNiro, screen star of violent, lewd, sexually despicable movies. Does DeNiro speak out for nearly 60 million babies that have been murdered since Roe vs. Wade? Does DeNiro speak out against DNC rigging of elections or pay-for-play Clinton Foundation money laundering that for one scammed the destitute nation of Haiti? Just ask the Haitians. Yet, DeNiro is the moral compass for this nation? God is our only compass and judge.

Franklin Graham, while endorsing no candidate, said we must pray, research the issues and vote. The Rev. Graham noted how important the future Supreme Court picks will be for preserving religious freedom and maintaining Biblical principles. He pointed out that the Clinton/DNC platform holds that abortion is constitutional; so the killing of a child at any stage in the womb is OK.

Hillary’s hero was Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood who believed in eugenics and forced sterilizations. A KKK sympathizer, Sanger targeted black communities for abortion clinics. The RNC platform is pro-life. The Old Testament points out how God judges nations that sacrifice its children. Hillary Clinton’s college thesis was on Saul Alinsky, who patterned his Marxist tactics of labor organizing on Al Capone. Yet, the Republican candidate gets criticized for blaming the DNC for the plight of blacks/Hispanics in the inner cities.

We learn that U.S. weapons are getting into the hands of ISIS; there seems to be confusion on who the bad guys are. Our current leaders are playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Russia, which also is involved in stabilizing the region in Syria.

Obama/Clinton have had eight years to get it right in the Middle East and now seem determined to taunt Putin into WWW3; yet, our military and Embassy (Benghazi) officials keep coming home in body bags. Those that come home suffer at the hand of an incompetent VA system. There are 22-plus suicides per day. Again, it seems there is no respect for life.

We are not electing a saint for president. Only God determines sainthood. Regardless of past personal indiscretions, the choice for me is clear. If you value national sovereignty, preservation of original constitutional rights (not determinations made by liberal judges) and life, vote Trump/Pence on Nov. 8.