Around Town – October 28

Orchids to …

• George Albers for his letter about moral decay in our society.

• Mike Malinsky for his letter regarding Hillary Clinton’s stance on abortion because many people consider a candidate’s views on the issue as the standard for fitness for office.

• anyone who rubber stamps a city official’s attitude toward taxpayers of Columbus.

• Sharon Williams, for all your help with Ira’s schedule, from the Montgomerys.

• Whipker’s Market for its awesome service.

• Melinda Maurer for being a really good teacher who supports students and doesn’t want them to drop out or quit school.

• the Dillman family for their awesome food, from a disabled person.

• George Albers for the excellent letter to the editor as I agree completely.

• Billy Stott and crew at Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning for taking good care of us, from Bill and Marty Fleetwood.

• George Albers for his letter to the editor in Wednesday’s paper, which was amazingly well-stated and perfectly summarized the current status of our country.

• news anchor Nicole Pence for being an amazing, professional and inspirational speaker at the FFY Great Girls luncheon.

• George Albers for his letter telling us why we should not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Onions to …

• the owners of several fast-food restaurants in town for keeping a manager for whom they have had several reports of verbal abuse of other employees.

• those who compare alleged disparaging remarks about women to perjury, corruption of justice, dereliction of duty and carelessness that has compromised our national security.

• the person who attended the Bible study with a cold and made other people sick.

• the postal service for not delivering or picking up mail on Laurel Drive on Wednesday.

• county officials who show favoritism toward some officers’ shifts and working hours.

• people who don’t understand some people can only walk after dark on the roads and in dark clothing and it’s none of the other person’s business.

• those slamming on the volleyball team.

• stores that let employees who haven’t bathed work, stinking up the whole store, making it impossible to shop there.

• people who ask you to sponsor them in certain events then wait until the night before they have to have the money and expect you to get it before 10 p.m.

• the person behind me who was upset that I wasn’t turning on red when the people coming from the other way had the green turn arrow which trumped my right and ability to turn right on red.

• candidates trying to get into office on the coattails of relatives.

• those who think you have to turn right on red when it’s only an option to do so, not a requirement.

• anyone who believes that one person can “make America great again.”

• anyone who thinks the Democratic nominee would be a good president when she lies and lusts after money.

• people who wear shirts suggesting certain lives matter when all lives matter.

• The Republic for charging to put veterans’ pictures in the paper.

Happy Birthday to …

• Janet Bullock, from Jimmy, Hayley, Tanner, Charlie, Elijah and Curtis, Lyndsay, Breanne, Camren and Mason.

• Shawn Miller from Marian, Vicky, Imogene and the Kirbys, and to Dad from Zachary, Lyndsay and Weston.

• Nancy Nasby and Sam Hoy, from Elsie.

• Zack Wilson

• Tara Jessee

• Chris Whittington

• Betty Vannice, from Kirt, Christy, Royce, Taylor, Ashley, Ambra, Orie, Garett, Isabella, Lyla, J.C., Joe, Mom and Dad Hitch, Marilyn, Patsy, Penny, Donny, Sammy, Charlie, John and all the rest of your family and friends.

• Mary Lucas, from Ron.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Juanita and Shawn Johns from Mom.