Hospital system warns of phone scam

Columbus Regional Health is warning local residents of a phone scam in which someone is attempting to access personal information using the Columbus Regional Hospital name.

The scam phone call may come from a number that is masked as a Columbus Regional Health telephone number and the call is under the guise of discussing financial or service-related issues, hospital officials said.

The caller then attempts to get personal information including usernames, passwords, credit card details or other information in what is commonly known as a “phishing” scheme.

When Columbus Regional Health representatives contact patients, the customer service or clinical professional first provides their identification, and then provides the pertinent patient information on file directly for verification, hospital officials said.

The health system’s representatives to not ask for personal information over the phone without first verifying the reason for the call by stating the date-of-service in question.

Anyone with questions or suspicions about a recent contact about information believed to have been part of this scam should call 800-841-4938 or call local law enforcement.