Inmate recovering after battery involving member of the Aryan Brotherhood

A Bartholomew County jail inmate is recovering in the jail’s medical unit after a battery incident involving an incarcerated member of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Sheriff’s Department deputies are investigating the incident, which happened in the jail on Thursday, Sheriff Matt Myers said.

He declined to release names of the individuals involved, but said the person considered the aggressor in the incident was believed to be a member of the Aryan Brotherhood.

However, it is unknown whether that gang affiliation has a direct connection to the battery, which resulted in the victim being transported to Columbus Regional Hospital for treatment before being returned to the jail’s medical unit, the sheriff said.

“What we are getting at this point is that the incident was a dispute over property,” Myers said.

The aggressor in the incident has been placed in a segregated block of the jail on lockdown following the incident, Myers said. With that status, the individual cannot have contact with the general jail population or inmates in the medical unit, he said.

The victim will remain in the medical unit and will not go into the jail’s general population until the investigation is complete, Myers said.

The jail incident occurred less than a week after local police provided details of a year-long investigation into a group affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood, believed to be operating out of a home southwest of Taylorsville in Bartholomew County.

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