Senior profile — Cameron Kelly

Age: 17

School: Columbus East High School

Who are your parents/guardians, grandparents and siblings?

Parents: Mark and Trish Kelly; grandparents: Charlie and Francis Nichols, Mel and Donnie Kelly; siblings: Chad Kelly

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Which elementary and middle school did you attend?

St. Peter’s Lutheran School

What’s your favorite class or part of the school day and why?

Anatomy and calculus, I love learning new things in these subjects and I have very fun classmates.

In which extracurricular activities do you participate?

Swimming, dance, Key Club, youth group

When you’re not in school, what’s your favorite place to be and why?

My church and youth group, it’s a place I can go to, to feel loved, be with people who encourage me and serve others.

What has been your greatest high school memory so far and why?

Going to King’s Island to ride rides and a concert on a rainy day with my boyfriend and my little brother and friends. We got to ride a ton of rides and laugh and just enjoy being a kid.

What are you looking forward to after graduation?

Going to college and getting to experience a new environment full of opportunity.

Who in your life has inspired you or whom do you look up to and why?

The kids I met in Guatemala inspire me. They taught me what real joy is and how to be truly thankful for all the blessings God gives us.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned during, or from, high school?

Be yourself, you can’t be anyone else.

Draw a picture, write a poem or create something that represents you. It can be anything you choose.