Letter: Letter: Here’s why mayor should be re-elected

From: George Dutro


Jim Lienhoop is running for re-election as Columbus mayor, and I am very pleased. Here’s why:

He has put public safety first, as it should be, with increased police and fire recruitment and talent retention by ensuring training and compensation.

He has advanced economic opportunity for everyone, leveraging industrial recruitment and sports tourism, and promoting a healthy downtown by supporting the Heritage Fund’s Envision Columbus initiative.

He has increased educational opportunities, with Redevelopment support of our schools and workforce development, and the creation of the IU graduate school of architecture.

Moreover, he has done this through cooperation and partnerships, which were the keys to launching ASAP and the State Road 46 Overpass project.

Columbus can be the best city of its size in America, growing strategically and continuously improving. With Jim at the helm, we are headed in the right direction.

(Editor’s note: This letter is paid content.)