Letter: What is happening to the United States?

I am a 71-year-old Vietnam veteran who grew up in the greatest country in the history of the world. I am sitting here wondering, what’s turning us into a third-world country? We used to have a country of laws, but no longer. States and cities no longer obey the rule of law. Who gave them the right to declare themselves “sanctuary” cities, allowing them to ignore federal law?

Who gave them the power to pass their own state laws to be able to kill babies — even late-term as New York’s law allows. Those who cite a woman’s reproductive rights as defense are immoral. That baby is alive. A mistake made by a man and a woman is forgivable, but killing a heartbeat is not. One woman’s mistake is a blessing to another not able to have children. If it seems one’s head is in the sand, then one is not paying attention, mostly because one doesn’t have the full story, because of what is reported by some of the media that is destroying this great country.

If one believes there aren’t thousands of people at our border demanding entry into this country, it is because the media refuses to report the truth, all because they are doing everything they possibly can to remove a president they refuse to recognize because they didn’t get their way. Look at the videos of many “caravans.”

There are so many elected officials in this government refusing to do their jobs by attacking the core of our electoral college. They refuse to legislate. Legislating is compromise, not refusing to negotiate. I believe there are two people in our Congress dedicated to the downfall of this nation, turning it into the United States Socialist Republic (USSR for those to young to remember because teachers seem to no longer teach about those letter). Those officials are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer). Just read about how they refuse to negotiate due to their bitter hatred of a president elected by “fly over” America.

The list concerning the destruction of this country could take up this entire newspaper. All I ask is each of you that believes President Trump is the cause of this need to wake up and study policies of both sides, and the attempt of one side not willing to negotiate anything. You will find the real truth if you really have an open mind.

As for our justice department, especially the leaders of the FBI, there has never been anything like this even going back to J. Edgar Hoover. He was a saint compared to the FBI leadership during the past three years.

I could go on but I will close with this statement: I love this country. We have disagreements but we can solve them with a civil attitude much unlike those that simply hate. We must stop what is happening now or this country will not survive. Think about what our children and grandchildren will live through. Think hard and help. Vote your conscience, not your political party.