Letter: U.S. lead in funding global health, poverty programs critical

From: Ann Jones


This year, 2019, is a critical year for the Global Fund (GF) for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The U.S. lead in funding inspires other nations to commit. It is most rewarding to recognize the GF has saved 27 million lives since 2002.

The last two years the White House has tried to gut funding for global health and poverty programs. This will undoubtedly continue. We really need our Congress to push back in bipartisan fashion to protect the GF at a most critical time in the research and new developments for HIV and AIDS.

People should write personal letters to their new representatives and senators and let them know of their passion for supporting people using antiretroviral therapy, lifesaving treated bed nets for malaria and treatment for tuberculosis.

With people’s help, families, communities and nations will remain healthy and able to learn, work and thrive.