Around Town – February 23

Feb. 23

Orchids to …

• Out of the Blue shop for carrying wonderful Bass Farm Skin products.

• Mike at CVS for his kindness while administrating a shingles vaccination.

• Carla and other emergency room staff at the hospital for their professional care and kindness during procedures.

• Tricia and Chad Foster for their generosity and kindness this school year.

• Roger Keller for always thinking of me, from Betty Lou.

• the former mayor for all she has done and is still trying to do for Columbus’ residents.

• the crossing guard on 27th and Maple that smiles and waves at everyone in the afternoon.

• Olivia Fuel for the amazing presentation to teachers at Mt. Healthy, and the chool supplies are appreciated.

• IUPUC Office for Women for hosting "The Vagina Monologues" to benefit Turning Point Domestic Violence Services.

• the teenage boys at Parkside who let me play basketball with them, from Cooper.

• Kelli Ray for excellent customer service at The Eye Place, from Tammy Fois.

• Leland Trapp and John Boldt for their letters pertaining to Haw Creek drainage problems, showing common sense prevails.

• the Indiana Senate for approving a bill that provides equal service to all Indiana’s residents and isn’t favoritism.

Onions to …

• the medical group that is slow to return calls and makes you wait way past appointment times because they overbooked patients.

• know-it-alls who know nothing and don’t want to learn anything.

• anyone thinking of lowering the age to vote to 16.

• people letting children dictate life to them, forgetting that they are supposed to be the adults.

• the people who still haven’t figured out only 7,000 out of 45,000 people voted for change.

• the individuals that were putting down the former mayor when she was trying to help people stop the flooding of Sloan Branch and fix the drainage problem in East Ridge Manor.

• city officials for not helping local residents of East Ridge Manor, which is being flooded by Sloan Branch and the bad drainage there.

• city of Columbus for not cleaning up the bird droppings around the post office.

• those who starve animals and leave them to die.

Happy Birthday to …

• Cathie Martin, from your family and Donna

• Lindsey Hunnicutt, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Eric Lux.

• Adycin Rager, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Ashley Chambers, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Alice Heck from Sandy, Junior, Megan, Nick, Alexis and Kinsley.

• Owen Flynn on his fifth birthday, from Grandpa and Grammie Barker.

• Alice Heck, from the Gates family and the Morrow family.

• Roger Keller, from Gordy Ricketts.

• Emma Goecker from Papaw, Mamaw, Mom, Dad, AJ, and Kayla.

Belated Happy Birthday to

• Dave Spangler, from Elsie.