Around Town – March 6

Orchids to …

• Sherry Grimes and all her wonderful, patriotic letters.

• James Peters for collecting and dropping off the world maps that are going to classrooms not only in Columbus but also Nicaragua where children are learning about our “wonder-filled” world — Muchas Gracias!

• Kathy Dell for the tickets that gave three people an extremely enjoyable Saturday evening.

• Beto O’Rourke for five ideas for criminal justice reform, including marijuana legalization.

• the Obama administration for creating an economy that had 4 percent growth multiple times, without putting our financial future at risk.

• the gal who called me back when I misdialed and left a message on her answering machine.

• to The Republic for the great Design-An-Ad section that my wife and I enjoyed in Tuesday’s paper, from Oliver Goin.

• President Trump for staying strong and for all he’s getting done despite all the hate from the left.

• the ladies who do an awesome job at the Tuesday night Junior Bible Study at Shiloh Baptist Church.

• Jen Suverkrup for returning my trash can to the garage, from Peggy Dunlevy.

• congressional Democrats for investigating the many abuses of the current administration.

Onions to …

• those who daily distort the truth and facts about issues and fellow citizens because of their own fear, bitterness and intolerance.

• the local commercial printing business that could not make two photo copies for me because they have a $15 minimum order.

• people complaining about those who praise patriotism for the United State of America.

• BCSC administration for proposing block scheduling which will require students to sit in classes for 85 minutes which goes against the Universal Design for Learning principles.

• BCSC for the unsubstantial reasoning given for going to block scheduling and how it will build relationships and address safety

• BCSC for going to block scheduling with absolutely no teacher input.

• congressional Republicans who claim to follow the Constitution except when it comes to holding this president accountable for his misdeeds.

• the elected official who is so smart and such a good judge of character that everyone he has surrounded himself with is heading to jail, no coincidence!

• the television network and its propaganda, hate and lies it spews 24/7, and to the viewers who believe the garbage.

• those hurling accusations at the president, because if they were all true, he would almost qualify as a Democrat.

• the officials whose ill-informed meddling with our clocks will once again this weekend rob Hoosier families of the welcome return of sunlight to our mornings.

• drivers on County Road 50N that go faster than 100 mph and pass on double yellow lines.

• the thief on Eastgate Drive, taking my grandkids’ bikes and music from my car, rifling through my glove box and leaving my door open.

• the new tax law which changed the standard deduction.

• Democrats for doing nothing for the country, spending their time fighting with the president.

Happy Birthday to …

• Polly Quillen, on No. 85, from your family and friends.

• Clay Marthin, from your family and Donna.

• Tessa Hirons, from your family and Donna.

• Sharon, from Kay and Joe.

• Steven Gates, from Mom, Dad, Kaydence, Easton, Grandma Jenny, Stephanie, Jessica, Skyler, Mason and Ryder.

• Becky Thomas, from Tim, Tyler, Beth and Clurie.

• Allie Hall, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Estella Brooks, on No. 91, from your daughters, Angela and Carolyn, and your son, Donald.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Sabrina and Greg Johnson, from your family and Donna.

• Eric and Johnni Hoene, from Mom and Dad.

ANOTHER beautiful morning