County mulls over on-call pay for employees

Bartholomew County is mulling whether its “on call” hourly employees should be paid if they are not called in for work.

County council members spent some time at a work session Monday talking about whether the hourly employees should receive a flat-fee for being “on call.”

In an upcoming request, county highway engineer Danny Hollander plans to ask that three of the 22 highway employees be selected on a rotating basis and paid $60 a week upfront for being on-call for the highway department.

If those employees are called in to work, they would be paid time-and-a-half, which is overtime, Hollander said.

The highway engineer’s proposal was met with skepticism by a Columbus firefighter and a former county sheriff who serve on the council.

“I’m on call for any fires every night,” said firefighter and council member Scott Bonnell. “But I don’t get paid for being on-call.”

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