Transformation of condemned property welcome addition

Finding a new use for something old is a good thing, whether a household item or commercial property. The transformation provides new life and additional benefits for people.

That’s why the city markets infill properties — those that are existing but unused — in attempt to find to life for them.

So, the recent transformation of a condemned property into a small engine shop on Columbus’ east side is a welcome addition to the community.

Eric Neal opened Small Engines Unlimited at 312 S. Mapleton St. on Feb. 20. The property had been condemned in January and was headed toward demolition. The 79-year-old garage and surrounding lot was full of junk, and former tenants had used the place in their drug dealing.

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But thanks to Neal’s desire and determination, assistance from the city (hauling debris and restoring water and sewer service) and donations of manpower and materials from the property’s landlord and other kind souls, the community has another new business to help people with small engine repairs, and a building that is no longer a blight that needs to be torn down.

Neal’s vision and determination in this project are commendable, as are the contributions by those who helped make the project reality.

More such transformations of property in the community would be welcome.

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