Around Town – March 22

Orchids to …

• Melvin at the west-side Walmart for the awesome job of rotating and balancing my tires.

• Our Hospice of South Central Indiana, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Zi, and all the people who care for people and lend a helping hand, from a grateful family, the Ericksons.

• the staff at Columbus Animal Hospital for sending us a condolence card for our pet, Smokie, and giving us his paw print and lock of his hair, from Bob and Sue Green.

• John Vanderbur for his gentle correction of another letter writer’s Lincoln quotes that she used to further her own causes, from Suzanne Smith.

• the young girl who paid for my order at the Kroger self-checkout line when I left my wallet out in the truck — she even brought the groceries out to me.

• Justin and Kevin from Appliance Mart for taking such good care of my problem, from the old lady in North Vernon.

• Bonnie Morrison and all tax preparation volunteers at United Way.

• the lady cashiers at Kroger on Wednesday night.

Onions to …

• rich folks who use their wealth to be above the rules and laws that control the lives of the rest of us.

• a school district for thinking block scheduling will be a good thing, from aggravated parents.

• the nosy neighbors who can’t ever mind their own business.

• people who haven’t thought through what happens if two protected classes disagree with each other.

• the city plan commission for trying to restrict a growing church in an area that the city clearly doesn’t care about keeping up, on a section of street that the city has consistently neglected to fix.

• anyone who votes for the party of infanticide.

• allowing the current or any president to make major policy decisions, spend huge sums of money to compensate for his ill-conceived policies and to meet one-on-one with any world leaders alone.

• this president for claims he was going to have Mexico pay for the border wall, which he should pay for himself if he’s so concerned.

• those who do not think the president is a draft dodger.

• the person in line at the drive-up yelling at people.

• those who think marijuana should not be legalized — how many lifetimes do we have to wait?

• the Democratic presidential candidate who wants Social Security benefits for illegal aliens when there’s barely enough for American citizens.

Happy Birthday to …

• Samara Zeller from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Tim Harris.

• David Sturgeon.

• Benjamin Rockhill.

• Doris Dunkin, from Charlotte and St. Bartholomew Catholic Parish.

• Debbie Tungate, love, all your family.

• Leni Krebbs on your first birthday, love Granny Gail and Pa George.

• Leni Krebbs on your first birthday, love Granny Joan.

ANOTHER beautiful morning