Company’s groundbreaking sign of city’s good business climate

Columbus wants to be known as a business-friendly city, one that encourages new investment from outside companies, and reinvestment and growth by existing companies.

That’s why the community has supported a nonprofit such as the Greater Columbus Economic Development Corp. since 1976. The organization works to enhance economic opportunities and quality of life locally.

And, it’s why city leaders and business officials have made annual trips to Asian and European countries for four decades to meet with companies, build relationships and seek new investment.

The March 5 groundbreaking of OSR Inc.’s new $6.5 million facility in Columbus is a sign of the city’s positive business climate.

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The Japanese company that makes automotive fasteners and has been in Columbus for more than a decade needed to expand because of continual growth. In searching for a location to construct a new facility, it also considered relocating to other Indiana cities such as Seymour and Franklin. In the end, it decided staying in Columbus was the best fit.

OSR is building a 82,395-square-foot facility off South International Drive in the Woodside Northwest Industrial Park. In doing so, it will retain 29 employees and add 12 more. The investment also includes installing new equipment for its manufacturing operations.

The news is testament to the goodwill the city has built in its relationships with Japan and Japanese companies for decades, and its ongoing efforts to foster positive conditions for existing businesses and those considering a new home.

It shows the community is indeed friendly for businesses.

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