Around Town – March 29

Orchids to …

• Congressional Democrats who are trying to make the Mueller report public as was done with the Starr investigation of Clinton because we have a right to know.

• Ashley and the other nice folks at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, new location, but the same commitment to high quality customer service.

• Robert Mueller on having 34 individuals and three companies charged with a variety of crimes, including advisers to President Trump.

• Jason Knapp of Star Heating & Air for coming out after hours to fix a problem I had with my dryer with an original faulty hook-up, when the original installer would not return my calls.

• Ryan at NAPA in Hope for helping the two ladies on Tuesday.

• Joy and Karen at Cracker Barrel for helping me when I got sick on Sunday, from Janet M.

• Doug Southern and your roofing crew for an awesome beautiful new roof from — thank you for a good job, from a happy customer.

• Jack at 25th Street Taco Bell for trying to keep the drive thru open.

• Macy at Texas Roadhouse for the wonderful service the other night.

• Larry, Shirley, Rick, Linda, Dave, Mary, Lisa, Taco, Matt, Sonny, and J.D. and the whole karaoke gang for singing special songs for me and brightening up my evening, from Betty Holder.

Onions to …

• the Democrats and their sycophants in the media, who squandered $25 million in taxpayer dollars in their failed attempt to avenge their well-deserved loss in 2016.

• the Trump administration for wanting to take money away from our soldiers to build the wall that he claimed Mexico would fund.

• political leaders whose only answer to “we need, we need, we need” is “we TIF”, “we abate” and “we rob Peter.”

• Democrats: You lose — get over it.

• Republican leaders who refuse to work for the American people, as they continue to enrich themselves.

• the federal education official and the Trump administration for cutting millions of dollars in funding for the Special Olympics.

• the downtown restaurant owner who has been extremely rude to three different women from a large local company.

• the person who submitted the onion about how needing a therapy dog was related to being kind.

• people who forget that other presidents have had mistresses.

• the uninformed Democrat Party, the party with so much hatred.

• those who sent hate speech to the onions Thursday, naming Republicans, conservatives, neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

• the Trump administration for cutting taxes to corporations and the wealthy while cutting funding to Special Olympics — sad.

• management for unprofessional handling of the sexual harassment allegation.

• those who choose to ignore the very real foreign interference of illegals voting in our elections.

• the individual who drove a loyal employee out of a job.

• Democrats, the true haters.

• the office manager who does not return phone calls.

• the 300-page Mueller report not being shown to Congress or to taxpayers.

Happy Birthday to …

• Connie Bradley, from your family and Donna.

• Jon Sharp, from your family and Donna.

• Lynnette Krueger, from your family and Donna.

• Anna Liimatta, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Maxine McIntosh on No. 94.

• Angie Brown, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church

• Richard Garrett, love, his mother.

• Lynnette Krueger, love, Mom and all the family.

• Jayne Allender, from Barbara and Virginia.

ANOTHER beautiful morning