Community involvement with Exhibit Columbus welcome

Exhibit Columbus is an exciting showcase of the city’s design heritage because those who visit the exhibition of temporary architectural installations get to see them up close, touch them and gain a unique experience.

But it’s also exciting to know that that this year’s Exhibit Columbus event will involve greater resident participation than two years ago — by design.

Several designers of the 19 chosen to bring works to the community are intentionally asking for local assistance to make them come to fruition. For example:

  • Weeding and watering plants and flowers to be planted in a cornfield near Central Middle School
  • Weeding and watering plants and flowers in a planned garden in the middle of the Bartholomew County Public Library Plaza
  • Area weavers to help with an installation on the Columbus City Hall Plaza
  • Programming ideas for an urban space on Washington Street

Richard McCoy, executive director of Landmark Columbus, the umbrella agency over Exhibit Columbus, said the request for local involvement reflects a current trend in architecture of social awareness and social engagement by designers.

This concept of community involvement allows people to have a greater ownership of the installations, and a greater connection to the creations. That should help people become more interested in Exhibit Columbus, and continue to build on the community’s history of design.

We think this opportunity to be directly involved with some of the Exhibit Columbus installations is a great addition to the exhibit, and hope that local residents embrace it.

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Residents who would like to provide assistance with or share ideas about the 19 planned Exhibit Columbus installations can send an email to [email protected].