EDC annual meeting keynote focuses on cyber security

The City of Columbus bought cybersecurity insurance a couple of years ago, and the message shared by the keynote speakers during the Greater Columbus Economic Development Corp.’s annual meeting reinforced that decision, Mayor Jim Lienhoop said.

“There is no silver bullet in cybersecurity. Everything out there is hackable with enough time, with enough tools, with enough expertise,” said Stephanie Domas, vice president of research and development for MedSec, a cybersecurity research company that helps the health care industry and medical device manufacturers.

Even a pacemaker can be hacked, she noted.

She and husband Christopher Domas spoke Monday to a lunchtime crowd at The Commons. Christopher Domas is a senior researcher for Intel Corp., which specializes in embedded systems reverse-engineering and vulnerability analysis.

He spoke about offense — trying to attack weaknesses — while she spoke about defending systems.

The need for security against electronic systems used by hospitals, businesses and local governments is real, they said.

“Cyber crime is a multi-billion dollar a year industry,” Christopher Domas said.

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