Court news – December 16

Lindsey Grace McCracken, 24, Ridgeview Lane, and Yi Xuan Ng, 23, Ridgeview Lane.

Chirag Jain, 27, Union Street, and Taylor Blakeley, 23, Union Street.

Brandon Reed Maynard, 44, East 25th Street, and Aarika Nicole Smiley, 40, East 25th Street.

Damon Lynn Estes, 30, Wallace Avenue, and Tara Lynn Sluder, Miami Drive.

Alexjandro Ortiz Morales, 27, Central Avenue, and Monica Marcia Carrillo Valenzuela, 28, Central Avenue.

Ronnel Lamont Wilson Sr., 44, 10th Street, and Tafneh Binti Buik, 47, Malaysia.

Cameron Skurka, 29, Newton Street, and Chelsie Hall, 27, Newton Street.

Christy Boes, 46, East County Road 100N, and Gregory Eubanks, 43, Hartsville.

Curtis Albert Smith II, 35, Hope, and Samantha Kay Lawson, 29, Della Road.

Cameron Lee Esteb, 30, Paragon, and Taylor Morgan Wilson, 27, Seventh Street.

Benard Anthony Schoettmer II, 41, South Lincoln Village Drive, and Sonya Marie Thompson, 35, South Lincoln Village Drive.

Caitlyn Darnell Gross, 24, South County Road 525W, and Dane Harrison Duke, 28, South County Road 525W.

Natasha Calypso Harrison, 19, Cardinal Court, and Bryce Fredericksen, 25, Cardinal Court.

Lydia Lynne Lawrence, 24, Greenwood, and Jason Todd Post, 44, West County Road 700S.

Jenny Faye Bottoms, 28, Wrenwood Drive, and Jeremiah Brent Lopp, 42, Wrenwood Drive.

Harry Rowe, 73, Jolinda Drive, and Honoria Ortiz Mejia, 40, Joseph Cox Court.

Kalobe Thomas Phillips, 25, South National Road, and Savannah Jane Ashbrook, 24, South National Road.

Bailey Edward Keller, 24, Desoto Way, and Camry Marie Ovalle-Camacho, 23, Desoto Way.

Dustin Adam Allen, 40, Sandpiper Lane West, and Laura Anne Bland, Sandpiper Lane West.

Samuel Ruiz Vazquez, 27, Garden Street, and Margarita Vasquez, 23, Garden Street.

Wade Lawrence Blom, 30, Leatherback Drive, and Erin Courtney Stanley, 38, Leatherback Drive.

Trey Allen Smith, 24, North Gladstone Avenue, and Summer Dawn Jones, 26, Della Road.

Chase Edward Dayhoff, 22, North Vernon, and Kuresha Cheyenne Moore, 25, Sycamore Street.

Dustin Tyler Cross, 33, South Brooks Street, and Michelle S. Clark, 45, Franklin Street.

Corey Allen Mead, 33, Grand Avenue, and Heather Michelle Nauert-Rubio, 35, North Vernon.

Raymond Joseph Piontkowski, 83, Indianapolis, and Betty Jean Walker, 81, Flintwood Drive.