Pigs arrive for a second engagement with ISP on I-65

These two pigs gave Indiana State Police a chase scenario before they were ushered off I-65 between the 78 and 79 mile markers Monday morning. Submitted photo

COLUMBUS, Ind. — I-65 was calling and two wayward pigs decided to answer the call again on Tuesday, much to the dismay of the Indiana State Police.

Two pigs that were ushered off the east side of I-65 on Monday morning through a fence near the 78.5 mile marker north of Columbus returned on Tuesday afternoon for another engagement with law enforcement. Several southbound I-65 motorists reported to dispatchers they were dodging the farm animals — and the speed limit in the area is 70 mph.

While it was a funny interaction on Monday, state police appeared to have lost their sense of humor over the two pigs, and began making calls to have someone haul the porkers away in case the animals might try for a third visit to the interstate in the future.

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