Sponsored Content: Ask A Pro – Video Advertising

Which is better display advertising or video advertising?

This isn’t a simple answer, because honestly, you should have a campaign with both options. Display advertising is a static image with text promoting a product, special or general awareness. For much of what you see in digital advertising, it is display ads. Display advertising has diversity because they come in many shapes and sizes, and can be placed on an infinite number of websites, platforms and apps.

Video advertising has made a huge jump. Roughly 86% of marketers are using video to advertise, educate and entertain. Short video ads give the ability for consumers to watch what they find relevant. But, we have to tell a story or message in under 15 seconds.

Can we do more this video advertising than pre-roll or mid-roll on YouTube?

Absolutely! With many people “cutting the cable cord” we are seeing an increase in streaming services. This opens the opportunity for OTT advertising. Unlike traditional commercial, with OTT, we are able to target the audience. This means better ROI.

We can also use those videos in Snapchat, Facebook and TikTok! Using multiple social media formats allows you to get engaging content in front of the customers that matter to you.

Do the videos appear only on desktops or mobile devices as well?

With display and video advertising we are able to target your potential customer anywhere. We have seen that 85% of reporting is coming from mobile devices right here in our area. Worldwide, mobile devices account for 52% of online traffic. Mobile devices have actually influenced the way we create videos now. For a long time we would use landscape mode, but now with social media stories, we are using portrait (or upright) when videoing. These create a vertical advertising video.

In today’s world, there needs to be a mix of display and video advertising. The video may work to grab their attention for longer than 3-seconds, but display advertising works as a constant subtle reminder, keeping your business top of mind. Finding a company who will sit, listen to your needs and find a solution for your goal is vital. That’s where we come in. Visit us online at https://www.digitalaimmedia.com to find out more about what we can do to help your business grow, or call us at 812-379-5717.