Commissioners meet virtually for weekly meeting

COLUMBUS, Ind. — While still in isolation, one of two Bartholomew County commissioners diagnosed with COVID-19 took part in Monday’s weekly commissioners’ meeting.

Commissioner Tony London participated in a Zoom video conference, a week after learning he had been diagnosed with the virus. “To this day, my symptoms are almost non-existent,” London said.

Commissioner Larry Kleinhenz, also diagnosed with the virus, said he had been recuperating for eight days and had been placed on medication. He did not participate in Monday’s commissioner’s meeting.

A video showing Kleinhenz and London sitting next to each other at a recent county council meeting without masked made it appear all participants were sitting together closer than they actually were, according to the commissioners.

“But I totally get it,” London said.  “It’s my mistake, and we (as elected county officials) should be held to a higher standard.”

Only commissioner Carl Lienhoop and county attorney Grant Tucker attended Monday’s meeting in person. Both sat several feet from one another at different tables, and both were wearing masks.