BCSC reports virus case numbers at 614 since August

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. reported Thursday that it has had 614 positive COVID-19 cases since August. Of the cases, 382 are students, 161 are staff and 71 are teachers.

School officials said that two of the cases reported this week are actually from January and February of 2021, when secondary schools were using the hybrid model. These two cases were not reported at the time of diagnosis.

The cases are as follows, by building:

Administration Building: Seven staff (7)

Busy Bees: Eight staff, two teachers (10)

Central: 24 students, four staff, two teachers (30)

Clifty Creek: Three students, eight staff, eight teachers (19)

CSA Fodrea: Five students, four staff, two teachers (11)

CSA Lincoln: 10 students, three staff, one teacher (14)

CSA New Tech: 24 students, two staff, two teachers (28)

East: 74 students, 13 staff, five teachers (92)

ISC: Seven staff (7)

McDowell/Bright Beginnings: Nine students, eight staff, two teachers (19)

Mt. Healthy: Nine students, two staff, six teachers (17)

North: 117 students, 24 staff, 12 teachers (153)

Northside: 23 students, seven staff, four teachers (34)

Parkside: 20 students, 12 staff, seven teachers (39)

Richards: 15 students, three staff, one teacher (19)

Rockcreek: Five students, four staff, three teachers (12)

Schmitt: Nine students, six staff, three teachers (18)

Smith: 11 students, two staff, two teachers (15)

Southside: 14 students, eight staff, six teachers (28)

T&M: 24 staff (24)

Taylorsville: 10 students, five staff, three teachers (18).

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The COVID-19 Community Task Force typically posts updates on community spread every Monday and Thursday at covid19communitytaskforce.org/data/.