TAKE THE BAIT: Local artist creates vintage fishing lures for Upland art displays

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Ideally, Bobbie K Owens wants everyone to take the bait that his latest outdoor art is as slick as a big bluegill. Cast your gaze into his elaborate, rural, oversized studio southwest of Grandview Lake in Columbus and see for yourself about what he calls a team effort.

At first glance, his 28-foot-long Red Devil fishing lure looks big enough to attract Moby Dick. But that’s not exactly what he’s fishing for with his 450-pound resin-and-steel creation — one that will be unveiled as a permanent piece at the bicentennial Celebration on the River at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 14 at the Upland Columbus Pump House along the East Fork of White River.

“I wanted to make make something that even the big city people in New York — and those are people I still deal with artistically — ultimately think is pretty cool,” he said, acknowledging that he battles insecurity as much as anyone. “Really, the idea was that I would make something that you could put almost anywhere.

“And I wanted something that would impress the guy with the Skoal in his back pocket, as maybe he’s driving by with his fishing poles visible in the back window. I wanted to make something that would make him smile.”

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