Letter: Becky Church helps keep Columbus beautiful

From: Robin Hilber and Mary Ferdon


Columbus is noted for its art and architecture, and special projects and events, which add to our quality of life. Grass-roots efforts are vital for any community and Columbus in Bloom is one of those efforts that has paid off in more ways than many people realize.

For many years, the city has wanted to improve the Indianapolis Road entrance to Columbus via the roundabout by Mill Race Center. With 2021 being our Bicentennial year, the city’s department of community development and the Bicentennial Commission thought it would be an appropriate time to complete this beautification project.

Columbus in Bloom has coordinated many of the improvement projects we see throughout the community and Becky Church, the last president of Columbus in Bloom, has been a major part of that. Her past involvement with the community garden, Curb Appeal Recognition, Earth Day, Arbor Day, and other planting projects has contributed to the beauty we see today in our city. Becky’s current care for our downtown flowers generates compliments on an almost continuous basis from residents, guests and visitors.

When we approached her with the opportunity to design and coordinate the roundabout landscaping, Becky was excited and offered funding from Columbus in Bloom. With the assistance of the city’s department of public works and parks and recreation staff, the area was prepped, limestone blocks were brought in from the old railroad trestle in nearby Noblitt Park, flowers and hardscape were delivered, and the roundabout sprung to life in less than a week.

We would like to thank Becky Church for her foresight, time, and talent; all of which were donated, for the beautification of our community. We owe a debt of gratitude to Jim Dietz, visionary and founder of Columbus in Bloom many years ago, and to Becky for bringing the roundabout to fruition. We hope Columbus residents enjoy the enhancement of this entryway to our beautiful city.