Letter: Opinions should be expressed respectfully

From: Michael Bell


I want to begin by saying I fully respect my neighbors’ right to express their opinion and share their disappointment in the current federal government administration’s policies. I may disagree with many things, but I respect my fellow man. I may disagree with the current federal executive’s agenda, but I respect the position as the leader of the United States of America.

I would like to ask everyone to consider the manner in which they express their opinions. I feel I have much better success in swaying a conversation, educating people of opposing opinions, and effecting change in ways I believe in, when I have civil conversations in a respectful manner.

I don’t feel I have much influence over others, or others expressing their ideas over me, when it is done in what many may consider an "over-the-top" method of violent public demonstrations, hatred against others, loud arguments, or crude language.

Many people can have their opinions and perspectives changed if they are given the information and the opportunity to discuss all sides of an issue. If we are able to present our frustrations and concerns in a manner that others agree with, we can find opinions will be changed, tensions eased, frustration relieved, and communities come together. This is how progress is made.

Life is full of disappointments, but I find it full of a great many more satisfactions and joys. I believe we would find life much more enjoyable if we are able to stop and smell the roses and appreciate what we have.

Again, I want to make sure everyone understands I fully respect everyone’s right to express their opinion. I would like to make a request that everyone proudly display the American flag, but quietly lower / remove the somewhat crude expression of opinion of the current President of the United States.