Letter: Column writer thanks community for reading

From: Nita Evans


I would like to thank the editors of The Republic newspaper, both past and present, for the honor and privilege you have afforded me to be a contributing columnist in the Faith and Community section.

After six years and almost 60 columns, it is now time for me to bring this part of what I have considered to be ministry, to a close.

God has recently reminded me that where He closes a door, He will open other doors.

As I look back, I remember in my very first column I wrote about several ways each of us can help those who have lost a spouse or other loved ones. In other words, to be the arm of Christ to those who are in tremendous pain.

Often, I’ve written about the flood of 2008 and how I saw God’s faithfulness at work as He provided, strengthened and brought healing and restoration to our people in an infinite number of ways.

I also often have written about what I’ve witnessed across our nation in times of natural disaster. I’ve counseled with those who have been the victims. Again, I got to share with you how I saw God’s faithfulness to them time and time again.

I would like to thank you readers for the countless number of cards, notes, emails, phone calls and so many words of personal affirmation and encouragements you have sent to me. So, so often when you you’ve seen me in public you’ve expressed to me how something I had written had helped you just when you needed it.

You have told me so many times that you have cut my columns out of the paper and either kept them for yourself or you have sent them to someone you knew who needed to be encouraged and uplifted during a tough time.

Thank you, for you all have been a true blessing to me. I have been humbled by your kindnesses over and over again.

I would like to close by saying that it is my hope that The Republic newspaper will continue to provide a voice to local area spiritual leaders in our community. It is important to us that we hear from people we know and respect what they have to say. Not everyone will always agree with what each one writes but in America, we still have the freedom to express what we each believe.

Lastly, I would like to thank God for choosing me to speak for Him in this public arena called The Republic newspaper.