Around Town – July 12

Orchids to …

• Mark Franke’s article regarding patriotism still being alive and well in America.

• Toyota employees, Richard McCoy, Ben Valentine, Jaye Lahee and Karry Kendall for the grounds work at North Christian Church.

• Officer Imlay for all your help Saturday with my accident, from Carol.

• The Toyota workers who volunteered at North Christian Church on Friday.

Happy Birthday to …

• Mary Greene, from Daniel, Mary, Lisa, Greg and Nelly.

• Adam Stroup, from Dad.

• Hayden States, from Dad, Mom, Adyson, Ethyn, Emylee, Uncle Dave and Aunt Sha-na-na, and Grandma and Grandpa States.

• Paul Wallace, from Macie Boyd and Celsie Miller.

• Fran Carman, from your family and Donna.

• Judy Wingham, from your family and Donna.

• Reda Wickens, from your family and Donna.

Happy Birthday to …

• Matthew Bruner, from Uncle Bobby.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Teresa Deppe on No. 46, from Bob.

• Bob Deppe on No. 46, from Theresa.

ANOTHER beautiful morning