Around Town – July 13

Orchids to …

• the Top Dog Car Wash crew for an outstanding and thorough job of cleaning the interior of my car, from the lady in the Lexus.

• MRTC cast and crew for an excellent show!

• Inga for hosting our get-together, it was a good day! from the girls.

• Nita Evans for your inspirational columns the last few years, we will miss you, from an admirer.

• the United States of America.

• those who realize that more vacations equals fewer COVID-19 virus cases and deaths.

• President Biden for staying at work and not going off to so many resorts like his predecessor.

• local factories beginning to realize that the days of people living to work in them are long gone.

• Mateo and all the folks at Bicycle Co-op of Columbus for sharing bikes with us to disassemble at our summer workshop.

• those who realize that in our country, we have been getting vaccinations for decades and have vaccinated our children for decades.

• Erik Wiseman for the good job power washing the house and sidewalk, from Pam and Pat.

• Former president Trump for the many successful, pro-American trade deals which he made during his tenure.

Onions to …

• those who need to ask themselves, if our freedoms are God-given, how is it humans can take them away?

• the state politician for wasting taxpayer money on an appeal that is really just early campaigning for state office.

• the current administration for keeping the White House closed to American citizens but encouraging a open southern border.

• the unvaccinated crossing our southern border while the idea of going door to door to check Americans’ vaccination status is being considered.

• the letter about globalization.

• the current federal official for letting Afghans and our military down.

• the intersection of Rocky Ford and Marr Road.

• those who are ignorant to the fact that COVID-19 poses almost no risk to children, let alone elementary children.

• those pushing a godless society when it’s plain to see that things were way better when more of us had God in our lives.

• anyone thinking gas prices and food would stay low after the country reopened.

• the manufacturer not realizing that excessive overtime leads to help wanted signs and a bad reputation.

• the radical political party that manipulates the voting system by gerrymandering so that only their party’s votes count and the opposition party votes are basically null and void.

• Jan. 6’s insurrectionists who are shown on body cam video beating and stomping a police officer who was trying to rescue a collapsed, trampled rioter.

• the current administration for wanting to defund our law enforcement.

• people saying the current federal elected official was bringing honor to the police when he was trying to defund them.

Happy Birthday to …

• Beverly McCloskey, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Jeanette Ferrenburg, from your friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

• Suzanne Blanchard, from your family and Donna.

• Kaylee Childers, from your family and Donna.

• Tom Bennardo, from your family and Donna.

Happy Birthday to …

• Marlene Miller, from Erich and Carissa.

ANOTHER beautiful morning