Around Town – July 15

Orchids to …

• safety in numbers, the more people with vaccinations, the safer we will all be.

• those aware COVID variants are putting kids on ventilators in Mississippi and other anti-vax locations.

• those who believe it’s time for churches to start paying taxes.

• those who have received vaccines through out their whole lives, and are living proof vaccines work.

• CRH Volunteer John Brooks for his great attitude and for always going above and beyond to help others.

• Smith’s Tree Service for being a great team in working together on tree removal and fantastic clean up, from Tom & Bev Hall.

• the person who found my phone and turned it in to the Verizon store, thank you!

• President Joe Biden who has turned my 401(k) into a 501(k) in six months.

• Don, Alexis and the gentleman who gave me a hug at Lowe’s on Wednesday, thank you all.

• Erik Menzloff of Peters Heating and AC for the quick same morning repair and tuneup of my broken air conditioner.

• Gail and Tina from Southern Indiana Tyco for coming and making our workshop so much fun, from all the kids out at the barn!

• President Biden and the Democrats for trying to get funding for law enforcement although they are facing opposition.

• Dirk James for his outstanding workshop assistance, from all the kids out at the barn.

• former President Trump for working for the American people and not against the American people.

• the Columbus Fire Department personnel for helping me figure out my smoke detector.

Onions to …

• the administration for boasting about a 16 cent decline in my Independence Day BBQ when I have to spend an extra $20 at the gas pump each time I fill up.

• the far-right newspaper sent to me in the mail Tuesday because my local paper is much better reading.

• those shallow-minded groups removing the lessons learned in our history from monuments.

• the Jaguar convertible driver whose driver-side brake light and turn-signal isn’t working.

• politicians who lie about proving your identity being an impediment to a free and fair election.

• those that idolize people doing wrong not knowing what is right.

• people who make any drug dealer or felon an idol.

• those who have received vaccines through out their whole lives, and are living proof vaccines work, but now refuse to get a vaccination.

• those who mistake the deck of an aircraft carrier for a four-way stop.

• the steady rise in inflation and gas prices, it isn’t higher taxes, but just as detrimental.

• the most incompetent federal elected official the U.S. has ever had.

• the desperate members of the political party who act like criminals in desperation from the reality of losing future elections.

• the unvaccinated who are responsible for the new spike in coronavirus infections and deaths.

• those ignorant of the fact that children do contract COVID, they die from COVID and that a 6-month old is hospitalized and on a ventilator from the virus.

• paper carriers who do not bag the papers during rainy season.

• people who keep having children and can’t even afford to feed them.

• the federal elected official who just keeps on giving.

• the two vehicles who ran the red light at Rocky Ford and Middle Road.

• those who think putting in a couple of appearances a day is staying at work.

• the truck speeding out of town on U.S. 31 South.

• the federal elected official for providing another country with a list of 16 ways to cyberattack us in his irresponsible attempts to crack down on them.

• the library book box with no place to park except on somebody else’s property.

• the federal elected official who is trying to turn our country into a socialist nation by handing out money like it’s candy and telling people they don’t have to work.

Happy Birthday to …

• Marilyn Hinton, from your friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

• Dr. Alan Watanabe, from your co-workers at Columbus Internal Medicine.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Kimberly Thompson, love Brian.

• Brian Thompson, from Kimberly.

ANOTHER beautiful morning