Combining marching bands benefits students

This fall, Columbus East and North will combine forces on the football field.

Well, at least in song.

On Aug. 27, during the annual rivalry game between the Bull Dogs and Olympians, the city’s two largest high schools will form a marching band alliance. The game will mark the debut of the Sound and Spirit of Columbus; which is made up of students from both schools.

The Sound and Spirit has four directors: North’s Bryan Muñoz and Keith Burton and East’s David Rodgers and Tim Brookshire.

Muñoz, director of bands and orchestra at Columbus North, said that the marching bands were given the OK in early 2021 to combine forces.

While some alumni may not like the move, it makes a lot of sense and could prove beneficial to current and future students.

Many schools across the country are pooling together their resources to bolster their music programs.

The change will not only permit for more intricate performances, but help Columbus in competitions against larger programs from metropolitan areas.

And while there may be some tensions during the gridiron game, such is not the case between music students. When asked about the changes, several of the students expressed their excitement that they will be reunited with some of their former classmates from elementary and middle schools.

This change isn’t a surprise to band families; planning has been in the works for months. The programs have been working to raise funds to make sure the transition is smooth, and keep parents and students informed.

The decision by the schools to work together for a common cause — providing the best experience possible for our youth — is heartening, and we look forward to seeing the new marching band in action.