Letter: Americans must stand united

From: Kim Meek


What is happening to the United States of America? We are taking steps backwards instead of continuing forward.

It’s pretty bad when you have a 13-year-old grandson who has a friend of color who is depressed because his friend feels he is being made fun of.

My family was colorblind all my life; not drawing attention to race or nationality, religion, etc.

Where is our love for one another?

I always thought we were the land of milk and honey because everyone wanted to live here. But now I’m embarrassed for our country.

What happened to one Nation under God? Thou shalt not kill. Love one another love thy neighbor.

Love: that’s all it takes. And add a whole lot of forgiveness.

We can overcome. We have before and we can again. We must work together and help one another. Bless us one and ALL.

We are all God’s people created after His image!