Local Democrats say letters meant to ‘intimidate’ party

The Bartholomew County Democratic Party has reported to police that at least two of its members, including the local party chair, have received letters through the mail that party officials characterized as an attempt to “intimidate” them.

The letters, dated Sept. 6 and postmarked in Indianapolis, were sent to Bartholomew County Democratic Party Chair Steve Schoettmer and another party member about a week ago and include a series of grievances and unsubstantiated claims about President Joe Biden and his family, stating that the Biden presidency “cannot go on like this and it won’t,” according to images of the letters provided to The Republic and later posted on Facebook.

The envelopes fraudulently used the Bartholomew County Democratic Party’s logo, and the party’s local headquarters was listed as the return address, Schoettmer said.

Local party officials have reported the letters to the Indiana State Police and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Schoettmer said. The author of the letters identified himself as “Conrad Black,” but it is unclear if that is the author’s real name.

“This is a clear attempt to impersonate the (Bartholomew County Democratic Party) and intimidate us from the hard work we’ve accomplished over the last couple years,” the party said in a statement on Facebook.