Around Town — Nov. 6

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Orchids to

the two ladies for donating their dog grooming services to those who can’t afford such care due to unfortunate circumstances.

the great drinks and eats at Savage D, from Bill and Monica.

the kind lady at the McDonalds drive-thru who paid for my meal. Thank you so much!

Columbus police and fire departments for the parade for the cross county team when they won a state title. This is a memory we will remember forever! From the North girls cross country team.

the Pellegrino family at Smith Elementary for the donation of winter coats.

Jessica Engelking for donating clothing to our students at Smith Elementary.

the former leader, who dealt with impeachment, an election, and a worldwide pandemic, and still pushed to get COVID-19 vaccines to the American people in a record short amount of time.

Todd Hostetler, Janet Morey, and Jenny Otte at Mill Race Park for all your help and thoughtfulness, from the Pruitts.

Dalton at Walmart for taking my cart out for me when I felt like I was going to pass out, a very kind and caring young man.

realizing this COVID-19 loss is ours collectively and to many is also deeply personal. We must mourn as a nation and also be there for each other.

Onions to

the drive-thru worker who found it humorous to play keep-away with my credit card.

the teacher not mentioning if you pay someone $16 an hour to make and deliver a pizza, that’s $40 for a $10 pizza.

stinking up our neighborhood by burning wood at night, it stinks so bad.

anybody who wants to charge for parking downtown.

closing gas lines, which is contributing to higher gas prices.

the dog owner who runs way too close to my small dogs. It’s intimidating and may lead to a tragedy. Please be thoughtful.

county officials unwilling to enact ordinances to protect neglected and abused animals, including a dog who died from years of abuse and neglect.

the parents keeping their children from their grandparents.

the federal leader disturbingly oblivious to what is going on around him.

those harassing the federal official for voting for what he believes is best for all of us.

higher gas prices that are one of the many failures of this administration.

businesses that mandate a person to get a shot.

those believing conspiracy theories on Facebook.

the former administration that did nothing except give a huge tax cut for billionaires.

Happy Birthday to

Kathy Garrett, from your family and Donna.

Brian Jones, from your family and Donna.

Rev. Timothy Streeval.

Ellen Solich, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Happy Anniversary to

Katie and Ryan Putnam, from your family and Donna.

my partner-in-crime David Taylor on No. 35, love Lindy.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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