Lasting Impressions musical to salute veterans Thursday at Mill Race

In a Veterans Day musical understandably aimed at military appreciation on Thursday at Columbus’ Mill Race Center, organizer Donna Browne wants to remember to salute another group, too, for a moment.

She’ll think about them when some members of the 12-member cast of The Lasting Impressions senior troupe croon “Song for the Unsung Hero” during the hour-long show “A Time to Honor.”

“This year, there have been so very many unsung heroes,” she said. “And it’s so much so that that song takes on a whole new meaning.”

She referred to doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, police, firefighters and others amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

Plus, Browne, the troupe’s founder, writer and director, mentioned that the word honor in the show’s title refers to honoring veterans, the flag, the country and God.

“We need to, as best we can, to assure all our people in uniform and our veterans that they are appreciated — and that they have made a difference in our lives,” Browne said. “Even though Nov. 11 is set aside as Veterans Day every year, I firmly believe actually that every day is Veterans Day.

“And we need to keep them, their service and their families foremost in our minds, in our hearts and in our prayers.”

The program is being dedicated to the memory of the late Donald A. Smith who was a dedicated and popular member of The Lasting Impressions for five years prior to his death March 27. His family is sponsoring the show and will attend.

A video clip of Smith doing an oral presentation of “A Soldier Died Today” from last year’s production will be shown.

“It will be a very touching moment for all of us,” Browne said.

The overall 22-song presentation will have approximately 100 seats available because of social distancing, according to organizers. Of course, the medley of all the armed forces theme songs, in which the audience sings along, has become an annual moment in the musical.

“We have not done a single veterans show while including that song where we have not seen tears,” Browne said.