Around Town — Nov. 17

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Orchids to

all my friends at the Bartholomew County Public Library, I work with the very best people.

Tina in the Columbus Regional Hospital Cardiology Department for the great care of my wife, from a grateful husband.

Janalyce for the Take Your Best Shot picture in Republic of a beautiful sailboat in Florida.

Lukas Fedewa for showing his appreciation to veterans with thank you cards he handed out to every veteran at the Veterans Day ceremony, from a Vietnam Veteran who greatly appreciates his efforts.

Thanks to people like Lukas Fedewa, “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”

Mark Webber and The Republic for the excellent Veterans Day coverage, thank you, from a Vietnam Marine veteran.

the person who pulled over on the side of the road to salute the firefighter while his funeral procession passed by, from family and friends.

the crossing guards surrounding Northside Middle School for helping to keep our children safe every day.

the parents and families of players and coaches of Columbus East men’s soccer team for their continuous support of our soccer program; we couldn’t do it without you!

Doug Trueblood for managing the team, communications and scheduling and making my job a lot easier! from Josh Gonsior.

everyone who submitted and put together the recipes for the 2021 Cookbook, awesome job and recipes, from a recipe fan.

the columnist Lori Boardman.

Carter for filling my bags for for me at my grocery check out at Walmart.

the new lockdown only for the unvaccinated in Austria—about time, now all countries need to follow their lead.

getting kids vaccinated for COVID-19, just like we did for polio.

Onions to

broken internet links that only take you for a COVID test and not the vaccine.

fast-food restaurants discriminating against seniors by offering two for the price of one but don’t give seniors, who can’t eat two, a 50% discount on only one sandwich.

local government who cannot be bothered to change female employees’ last names after married for multiple years now.

the local middle school boasting about their car line running smoothly, yet it takes 20-plus minutes to get through it.

the senior living facility for refusing to accept the doctor’s order to wean my wife off her neck collar resulting in her head not being straight as it should be.

reckless drivers going around school buses, vehicles speeding by my bus are scary and dangerous.

stores that do not have 25 pounds of water softener salt for senior citizens.

those who don’t understand that COVID is more contagious than flu or pneumonia, more deadly, and has long-term effects.

autos that ran the sign in the neighborhood Monday evening.

watching fellow Americans fight over the right to not wear masks that would protect them and others from COVID-19.

the con artist who told people to vote for him and he would ban something in schools which in reality doesn’t exist.

Happy Birthday to

Dave Krueger, from your family and Donna.

Elizabeth Carrigan, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Connor Hensley, love Mamaw, Papaw, and family.