Around town — Nov. 18

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Orchids to

the two gentlemen at Aqua Systems for working with loyal customers, from the Fox family.

Susan and Larry Carter, Cathy Caldie, and Alice Carmichael Lamb for helping the Brackneys set up booths at Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show.

Janice Montgomery, Linda Brown, Diane Doup, and Lynette Farless for coordinating volunteers, and thanks to everyone who helped at the Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show.

the Little League hockey program and coaches.

Coach Jared for creating such a great program for young kids to learn hockey, it’s your dedication and passion to build programs like this that make our town so special.

Dr Millick and Schneck Medical Center staff during my procedure on Tuesday, everyone was very kind and helpful, thank you, from Judy.

all the school bus drivers; many are driving multiple routes and still getting kids picked up on time for school!

Gov. Eric Holcomb for implementing and keeping in place COVID restrictions, initiated to protect all citizens of Indiana and everyone visiting this state.

President Joe Biden for showing us example of intelligence and decency and helping us forget the nightmare we had to endure from the other guy.

the Hauser band kids and their parents for helping with band decorations on the square.

the Hauser Historians for their willingness to pitch in and help with museum events.

Susan Cox for her article, very uplifting!

a great cookbook, much improved this year.

Susan Cox on her heartwarming column on being thankful.

all the ladies who made quilts for the veterans distributed at the Veterans’ Day concert at Mill Race Center, thank you.

President Joe Biden signing the bipartisan infrastructure bill which will create millions of new jobs and grow the economy.

Onions to

elementary parents who do not understand that there is no honor roll to post with Growth Model Report Cards.

the assistant who is hateful towards others and the supervisor who allows it.

not figuring out if you can’t eat two sandwiches in a two-for-one deal, then just bring a friend along.

elected members giving themselves a $250 Christmas bonus, while employees only received a fifth, if that.

lawmakers pressuring the state leader to drop statewide COVID restrictions in the face of a growing surge.

the crooked, do-nothing elected official who has already violated campaign finance laws while contributing nothing to our national situation.

sabotaging the fight against COVID by releasing unvaccinated people in from across the southern border and sending them all over the U.S.

those bragging about the passage of bills to help America that they voted “no” on.

coworkers who cluck like a chicken all day.

the new sign at an elementary school that has English at the top and Spanish at the bottom.

having no fence around the courthouse for this trial.

the cabinet official who gave himself a graded “A” when all of his policies are failing miserably.

the mess left by the former administration that the current administration is still struggling to clean up.

the entire congressional delegation representing Columbus who voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Happy Birthday to

Steve Elmerick, from your family and Donna.

John Lee.

Sheryl Chatham, from your family and Donna.

Jerry Sharp, from your family and Donna.

Mike Hageman, from your family and Donna.

Teresa Webster, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Carol Dingledy, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Teresa Webster, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Haleight Lockridge on No. 2, love Mommy, Daddy, Tannor, Aunt Taryn, Uncle Eddie, Eaon, Sydney, Grammy and Granddad.

our sister, Erin B.!

Happy Anniversary to

Kennith and Vera Merideth, from son Mark Burton.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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